January 20, 2014

Welcome to the Totten Project website.  This week, our team of researchers will be heading toward our departure point of Hobart Australia, for our journey south to study the Totten Glacier and Moscow University Ice Shelf, East Antarctica. The goal of our project is to advance our understanding of this poorly understood glacial system and its potentially sensitive response to environmental change. This system is of critical importance because it drains one-eighth of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and contains a volume equivalent to nearly 7 meters of potential sea level rise. This nearly completely unexplored region is the single largest and least understood marine glacial system that is potentially unstable.

Our group is multi-national, and comprised of undergraduate, graduate and post doctoral students as well as technicians, and faculty members from many institutions. We’ll be spending the next seven weeks aboard the RVIB NB Palmer. We invite you to follow our project, to learn about the science and the people who make the science possible. This project is funded through grants from the National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs, Antarctic Integrated System Science.

More information about the National Science Foundation funding can be found here:


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